Who Are We?

The You & Me Study is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and is a collaborative effort among researchers at San Francisco State University, the University of California at San Francisco, and Columbia University. This work is being conducted by a team of researchers in San Francisco and New York, namely Principal Investigator, Dr. Colleen Hoff (SF) and Co-Investigator, Dr. Patrick Wilson (NYC).


Our goal at the You & Me Study is to better understand how issues like culture, masculinity, and homophobia influence the way men think about their relationships and sexual health. By talking with couples we can get a better picture of how men form relationships, relate to one another, communicate, and stay healthy.


Our study emphasizes the experiences and knowledge of our participants. We respect the contributions that members of the community will make to this project because we know that couples are the experts of their own relationships. We believe that research should benefit the community. By speaking with us and reflecting on your life and relationship, you are taking an active role in that process.


The You & Me study is taking a new look at the way men who have sex with men approach relationships. Previous research focuses on individuals and we’re building on that research to get a better understanding of the way same-sex couples interact with each other and the world.