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You & Me, a study for men in same sex relationships    

You & Me is exploring how culture,
race, masculinity and homophobia
influence the way gay men approach
relationships and sexual health..

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The You & Me study is taking a new look at the way men who have sex with men approach relationships. Previous research focuses on individuals and we're building on that research to get a better understanding of the way same-sex couples interact with each other and the world.

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We are looking for Black, White, and interracial Black/White same-sex male couples to participate in the You & Me Study. However, becoming a participant is not the only way to get involved! Here are some ways that you can be a part of the You & Me Study:

Get involved by:
• Tell a couple you know
• “Like” us on Facebook
• Tell us what you think
• Join our community advisory board

If you are interested in joining You&Me,

or would like more information call us at:

San Francisco

New York City

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